Vertical Connect is a technology services company specialising in providing services to the Veterinary industry.

Vertical Connect was founded in 1984 to develop and support veterinary software systems.  It  was integral in developing the Unix based Netvet  – Veterinary Management System in 1987 and has been involved in the development of multiple veterinary software systems  including  the OpenVPMS open source software which we helped setup and fund in 2006 and have played a key role in supporting since.

Vertical Connect  have also provided software design and consulting services to some of the major software vendors in these industries.  As the second part of our name suggests our approach is to act as a connection or conduit between you and the I.T. industry.  Dealing with many vendors in the I.T. industry can be very frustrating as often found they do not fully understand your business needs or are unaware or unconcerned with what you are trying to achieve with your Information Systems. Unless they are well managed, technology projects can end up soaking up a considerable amount of time, costing significantly more than anticipated and delivering only minor benefits to your business.  Vertical Connect acts as an extension of your business to manage the design and implementation of your information Systems.

Vertical Connect has been in business for over 30 years and has a proven track record of delivering innovative, practical, efficient and cost effective technology solutions to these markets.

We are NOT a software or hardware provider and we have no links to any specific hardware or software company.  This allows us to provide objective advice, as well as work with existing or recommended hardware, software and service suppliers.  We manage these providers on behalf of our customers to deliver successful Technology projects.

Vertical Connect have partnered with OpenVPMS to support the community in developing the only OpenSource Practice Management Software.  If you need to migrate your data from your current software, cloud solutions, backups, installation, implementation, training and software customisation Vertical Connect can do it all.

Phone Support

For any urgent support queries please contact us on 03 8737 9309. For any non urgent matters please email [email protected] or to lodge a support ticket Click Here