OpenVPMS Dicom Interface – (ODI)

Work List – Allows your Radiology equipment to retrieve lists of Investigations
that need to be performed from OpenVPMS. All relevant Patient ,
Investigation and Clinician information, including species, weight,
request id etc is automatically sent from OpenVPMS to your
Radiology Workstation ready for you to complete the study.
Supports one or more Modalities and multiple practice locations.

Investigation Status – Allows your Radiology Equipment to tell OpenVPMS when a
study is Completed or Cancelled and update the status of an
Investigation.  Supports one or more Modalities.

Image Display – Allows Users to directly access images in OpenVPMS from a
installed PACS (Picture Archive and Communication Server) and
view them without the need to export and import the image into
OpenVPMS.  Images can be directly viewed from the Investigations Workspace
or in the Patient’s Medical Records.

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